Landlords, don’t let your valuable property sit empty for the sake of internal and external decorations. You know that if a potential tenant views your property the first impression they get is the front exterior decor, if that is poor it is likely the interior is poor which will drive them away. ┬áMake your property stand out and improve kerb appeal, repaint windows and doors, clean UPVC items such as guttering, down pipes and windows, these items alone will get potential tenants through the front door.

Once there it is important to present a well maintained property in terms of general decor and cleanliness. Remember, if you can demonstrate to your tenant that you care about the property they are renting, they are more likely to look after it and respect it.

Underwoods Decorating has a great deal of experience in improving rental properties from; decorating, carpeting, plumbing and general internal and external maintenance including cleaning UPVC and internal cleans.

It is important to remember that really cheap or inexpensive redecoration carried out by unqualified people can turn out to be a false economy because you may need to redecorate more frequently.

In addition to initial redecoration we can offer a refresh service when you have a change of tenant. This will include touching up paintwork where necessary and a full interior clean. Keeping on top of this sort of work will ensure that you keep your property in a ready-to-let condition at all times.

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