We understand that decorating your house can be a worry and that the whole process may raise a few questions that you would like answered before you take matters any further.

Below we have listed a number of questions and answers to many of the concerns that prospective clients raise. We hope that this information answers any queries you may have. If not, please feel free to email your query using the email service within this site. We will endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

Do you do small jobs?
We undertake contracts of all different sizes, no job is too small and you will receive the same high standard of service.

Do you charge for written quotations?
No charge is made for detailed written or verbal quotations and no obligation is placed on you to take our services. The only exception to this is commercial insurance quotations where a survey fee of £40.00 will be payable at the time of the survey, this fee is fully refundable against any resulting work this Company undertakes.

Would I have to pay a deposit or an advance before the work starts on my decorating?
We do not request deposits or advances prior to the work starting. Full payment is made at completion of the work and when the client is fully satisfied. The only exception being, large contracts where stage payments have been agreed.

Are your quotes fixed price or do they vary?
Our quotations are always fixed price unless there are unknown elements to the work to be completed. If that is the case we obviously discuss that with the client in order to understand all possible outcomes. If any extra work is required, we would gain your approval prior to starting.

Are you insured and do you guarantee your work?
Our Liability Insurance has been sourced through the Painting & Decorating Association. Our certificate is available for inspection if required.  Our work is guaranteed for 12 months from completion or invoice date.

Would I need to take time off work whilst the work is in progress?
Providing this is acceptable to the customer, we are happy to work at your property whilst you are at work. We have many years of experience doing this and will take care of and respect your home or property.

What about security and the alarm system?
We regularly lock up and set the alarm systems of properties we work in. We are very aware of the need to be security conscious.

Do you move furniture?
Moving furniture is part of what we do; very rarely do we work on a project where furniture isn’t present. No additional charge is made for this, within reason.

What will I need to do in preparation for the redecoration’s?
In order to get the work under way as soon as possible we need you to remove all of your personal affects from each room. These consist of ornaments, pictures, and as many free standing items as possible. All that should be left in the room is your furniture and television if you are unable to move it. If we are decorating multiple rooms we understand emptying all of the rooms at once will not be possible, in this event we will discuss a plan of action with you. Where possible curtains should be removed also.

How do you make sure paint doesn’t go everywhere?
Great care is taken to cover furniture and carpets using dust sheets, polythene sheeting and tape at the edges. We appreciate these are your personal effects and that they should be respected.

Will there be paint pots and ladders left everywhere each night?
At the end of each working day all paint, ladders and equipment will be removed from your property, furniture replaced and carpets vacuumed and left clean and tidy. Part of our reputation has been built on this fact and can be verified by many satisfied customers.

Do you take away all rubbish?
All resulting rubbish i.e. wall paper trimmings, empty cans and pots will be removed from site and disposed of.

Do you supply the paint for the job and can you source any brand?
Our quotation will be fully inclusive of all materials. We can supply any brand that you require, including eco-friendly and water borne paints if you are sensitive to solvent based products.

Are you able to advise on colour schemes?
We are not interior designers but we do have an eye for colour and would be happy to make suggestions however, the final colour choice would remain with the client.

Will I get a written invoice for the work completed?
All contracts are invoiced and signed as received on receipt of a bank transfer or cheque at completion.

We hope that the above has answered some of your concerns. Please be assured we take the business of other people’s property and possessions very seriously. It is our aim to cause as little disturbance to the client as possible, ensuring a stress free experience.